Rate Your Self-Acceptance

No matter our age, we live in a society that bombards us with negative messages about our bodies. I watch my daughter and her friends deal struggle to accept their youthful bodies. I watch myself and my friends cope with aging. At every phase of life, with each change in our skin, energy level, flexibility and stamina, we must re-establish a positive relationship with our physical selves.

Be intentional about loving your body. When you are at odds with yourself, stress and distress will result. We all know that stress can lead to disease and faster aging. The more we fuss about getting older, the faster we lose what we had.

So today, I offer another worksheet for your Live More Journal…one that gives you the opportunity to be honest about your current level of self-acceptance. The more aware we are, the more choices we have to live well

Click here to download worksheet.

Live More Journal assess self acceptance


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