Assess Your Stress / Coloring Worksheet

We can’t tackle our stress problem until we acknowledge it. I get so accustom to enduring stress, especially in my body, that I don’t even notice the pain I carry. If you’re like me, you might not be able to imagine what it would be like to live stress-free. So here’s my suggestion for today…

In your journal, draw an outline of your body. (I’m attaching a downloadable worksheet for you to use, if you’d like.) Using colored crayons, pencils or pens, color in the areas of your body that are carrying stress right now. You may have a headache, tight neck and shoulder muscles, lower back pain or sore feet. Your stomach might be upset or you may even be forgetting to breathe deeply. Tune into your whole body and notice where the tension is being carried.

The simple act of noticing that we are stressed out is an essential step for taking action. Just by accepting the fact that your body is carrying such a heavy load, you will let your body know you’re paying attention. The more aware you are, the less likely you will put up with distressing situations. You’ll probably treat yourself a little bit better.

Feel free to download my worksheet. Your body will thank you for it! Click here to get your Live More Journal Worksheet


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